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 Group Title
 ACC - Accountancy Program Board
 AE - Automotive Engineering
 AEC - Automotive Engineering Course Board
 AIS - Accountancy&Info Systems and Secretarial
 ALH - Allied Health
 AME - Automotive Engineering
 APL - ApL Course Board
 APS - Applied Science
 ASC - Applied Science Course Board
 AST - Applied Science & Technology
 AUC - AUTC Course Board
 Accounting and Business Knowledge Competition for Secondary School Students
 Anti-Virus Software
 B&M - Building Studies & Management
 BAA - Business Administration A
 BAB - Business Administration B
 BAC - Business Administration C
 BAD - Business Administration D
 BAM - Business Administration Course Board
 BAN - Business Administration
 BIS - Business Information Systems
 BPE - Business Promotion and Event Management
 BPM - Business Promotion & Enterprise Mgmt
 BPS - Bus. Adm., P&S and Sec. Studies
 BSE - Building Services Engineering
 BSM - Business Services
 BTC - BCC/TFC Course Board
 BUS - Business and Personal Services
 Basic Mainland Knowledge
 C&S - Civil & Structural Engineering
 CAN - Computer Applications and Networking
 CAS - Corporate Administration & Systems
 CCC - CCTI Course Board
 CCE - Child Care
 CCP -  Chinese Programmes
 CDM - Communication Design and Digital Media
 CEC - Child Education and Community Services
 CED - Child Education
 CEH - Chem. Tech., Environment and Health Care
 CES - Child Education & Services
 CHT - Chemical Technology
 CIB - China and International Business
 CIM - Computing & Information Management
 CLA - Corporate & Legal Administration
 CLT Temporary
 CMA - Applied Statistics & Computing
 CMC - Chai Wan Computing
 CMD - Multi-discipline (Chai Wan Nexus) CB
 CMS - Sha Tin Computing
 CMT - Tsing Yi Computing
 CNC - Construction - Craft Course Board
 CON - Construction
 CSV - Community Services
 CT - TY Creative Technology
 CUA - HCI Culinary Arts Programme Board
 CUS - Customer Services
 CVS - Certificate in Vocational Studies
 CamilleHo 1
 Ceciliachan 1
 Ckyip 1
 DAE - Reserved for DVS
 DAP - Reserved for DVS
 DAS - Reserved for DVS
 DBS - Reserved for DVS
 DCC - Reserved for DVS
 DCR - Reserved for DVS
 DEP - Design PT Higher Technician Courses
 DES - Design
 DFT - Fashion, Clothing & Textiles
 DHD - Reserved for DVS
 DPC - Printing
 DTA - Reserved for DVS
 DTS - Reserved for DVS
 DVE - DVE Programme Board
 DVS - Diploma in Vocational Studies Board
 David Chan Individual Module - 6
 E&I - Electronic and Information
 E&T - Electrical and Telecommunications
 EBM - eBusiness & Marketing Course Board
 ECC - ECTC Course Board
 EE - Electrical Engineering
 EIE - Electronic and Information Engineering
 EL - Electrical Engineering
 ELC - ELTC Course Board
 ELE - Electrical Engineering
 EM - Enterprise Management
 EMT - Engineering Management & Technology
 ENG - TY Engineering Course Board
 ENH - Environmental Health
 EVC - Electrical & Electronic VC & Craft
 FDC - Foundation Dip/Cert Courses
 FID - Fashion and Image Design
 FIN - Financial Services
 FM - Facilities Management
 FS - Financial Services Course Board
 FSM - Financial Services & Marketing
 GAC - GATC Course Board
 GBS - Global Business
 GT112 1
 HAS - Applied Science
 HC - Hotel and Catering
 HCA - HCI Hotel & Catering Programme Board
 HCC - Hotel & Catering Programme Board
 HDP - Higher Diploma Preparatory Programme
 HIC - HITDC Course Board
 HOC - Hotel and Catering
 HRM - Human Resouce Management
 HST - HoSTS Course Board
 Hohocs 1
 ICI - Culinary Arts Programme Board
 ICO - ICI - Others
 ICT - Information & Communications Technology
 IEM - Industrial Engineering and Management
 JL - Jewellery Course Board
 JLC - JLTC Course Board
 Kankaichiu 1
 LAN - Language
 LAN - Language 1
 LAS - Legal and Administrative Studies
 LC - CW Projects
 LCA - Law & Corporate Administration
 LES - Leisure and Sports
 LPM - Logistics and Procurement Management
 Language Team
 Languages Discipline
 MBA - Multi-sector Business Applications
 MC - Mechanical Engineering Craft
 MCC - METC Course Board
 MEC - Mechanical Engineering
 MEE - TY Mechanical Engineering
 MET - Multimedia & Entertainment Technology
 MFG - Manufacturing Engineering
 MGT - Management
 MIC - Mech, Mfg & Ind. Mgmt. Craft
 MIE - Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
 MIT - Multimedia and Internet Technology
 MKT - Marketing
 MMC - Mech, Mfg & Ind E Craft Courses
 MME - Mech, Mfg & Ind E Courses
 MPR - Marketing & Public Relations
 MSC - MSTI Course Board
 NA - Previous TI/TC courses
 OttoKan 1
 PDM - Printing & Digital Media
 PHT - Pharmaceutical Technology
 PID - Product and Interior Design
 PRC - PRTC Course Board
 PSC - Pro-tem Steering Committee
 PSM - Business and Personal Services CB
 PTC - PTTDC Course Board
 Patrickyau 1
 Professional Development Programme on enriching Knowledge of the BAFS Curriculum
 Professional Diploma for Legal Executives
 REM - Real Estate Management
 RTC - RTTC Course Board
 SAC - SBI Accountancy
 SAP - SBI Advertising, Packaging and Branding
 SAS - Applied Science
 SBA - SBI Business Administration
 SCA - SBI Corporate Administration and Systems
 SOH - School of Hospitality
 SRM - Safety and Risk Management Course Board
 SSM - AIS and Secretarial Studies Course Board
 STN 5 Projects
 STN 6 Projects
 STN 7 Projects
 SWT - SBI Web-based Technology for Business
 SYJ - SBI Yi Jin Programme
 Shumhei 1
 T&N - Telecommunications & Networking
 TEC - TETC Course Board
 TL - Tourism and Leisure
 TLS - Transport and Logistics Studies
 TOM - HCI Tourism Programme Board
 TOR - Tourism Programme Board
 TOU - Tourism and MICE Programme Board
 Teacher Training
 Trial and Test
 VDP - VDP Course Board
 VLPO - Vocational Language Programme Office
 VMB - Vocational Modules Board
 WEC - WETC Course Board
 WPD - Whole Person Development Programme
 YC IT (Generic) Stream
 kellyc 1
 megn 1
 quins 1
 salamunlee 1
 skonG 1
 woodyho 1